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10 Inspiring SaaS Website Designs

I have been researching SaaS companies recently and wanted to a share few well-designed sites I’ve had bookmarked. These sites are usually the first thing their customers sees, but many companies I came across overlooked the design of their sites so here are a few that really stood out.

Site: SquareSpace

Why: It looks like the design of SquareSpace is it’s the biggest selling point. The site has an intro video front and center with large screenshots of the software taking up most of the page. That doesn’t seem to be a bad thing either. (I like dark designs for some reason).
Best Feature: Pricing page, it’s very simple and focuses on customer objections at the bottom.

Site: Vertical Response

Why: It takes about 3 seconds to figure out what Vertical response is. Too many SaaS sites are ambiguous when it comes to explaining what their product does. The copy on the site is interesting and gets to the point.
Best Feature: Landing page right at the beginning to converts visitors to leads.

Site: Jive Software

Why: About a month ago the home page of Jives site mainly had a pointless 3d animation of their logo and little information. They recently updated the home page to focus back on the products, which is a nice improvement.
Best Feature: Customers page, nothing builds trust better then a list of well-known customers and Jive has no shortage of them.

Site: Rival Map

Why: They are selling a unique type of software that they communicate well. There is very little clutter and they don’t try to oversell.
Best Feature: Product Tour, they offer a simple walkthrough of all the features with a nice video.

Site: Campaign Monitor

Why: The colorful front page stands out and should appeal to their target market, web designers. They do a good job of communicating the simplicity of the product and pricing over the existing email marketing companies.
Best Feature: Content Focus, everything on the site is focused on its target market from its home page to the articles helping developers sell email services to clients.

Site: Helpstream

Why: Although not the most usable site ever created, the design is unique and memorable.
Best Feature: 3d-Chart, I have seen this type of chart used before, but Helpstream did it well.

Site: Taleo

Why: They sell multiple complex products to the enterprise market. Naturally, a lot of the site is content heavy but it is presented in a welcoming way. What I found interesting was how they divided content into the different areas.
Best Feature: Usage stats on the front page. With 2.5 million users it’s clearly proven there is value in the software.

Site: SuccessFactors

Why: Another site with a customer base it’s not afraid to promote. The product descriptions are also clear and well written. No endless feature lists or lengthy copy.
Best Feature: Testimonial Videos, gives their customers a face, not just a logo.

Site: Zuora

Why: They focus on the most positive aspect of the company: the founding team behind the software. This builds credibility and focuses less on the product, which is too new and unproven.
Best Feature: About Page, they clearly show the quality of the management team.

Site: Zendesk

Why: The first thing that stands out with Zen Desks site is the pricing is very prevalent on the home page. Too many business software sites hide their pricing deep in the site or require your phone number to have a sales rep call. Zen Desk is not afraid to show the price, which helps customers compare it to other products and figure out whether or not it is suited for their business.
Best Feature: Customer Testimonials speak for themselves.