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How to get a Good Google Listing

Getting a good listing on Google is pivotal to your website’s success. A few tips on how to go about getting your Google listing higher up the rankings.

Getting a good Google listing for your website isn’t nearly as hard as people make it out to be. You simply contact Google’s World Domination Department, pledge your undying loyalty and support, sign over rights to whichever of your children tests as the brightest and allow certain “testing” on your vital organs and…

Okay, I’m kidding. It’s way harder than that to get a good Google listing.

Get a Good Google Listing: What Makes for a Top Ranking?

If it were just one thing that would give you a top ranking in Google, then it would be easy and everyone would do it. This would, of course, result in everyone having a high ranking, which is quite the conundrum.

To begin to understand how to approach getting a good ranking in Google, it’s best to go right to the horse’s mouth. At Google Webmaster Central there an article, a couple of paragraphs long, called simply, “Ranking”. It gives one specific method to increase your ranking, which since it is coming directly from Google, it might be good advice to heed: “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”

Getting good inbound links is key. Okay, so how do you go about that? Glad you asked:

Get a Good Google Listing: Get Quality Inbound Links

The best method for getting high-quality inbound links is to have excellent content on your site. If your website is informative and offers something attractive to others, then your inbound links will naturally grow as other sites find you and link to you.

Outside of that, you can exchange links with sites of a similar niche. If your site is brand new, more established sites may not feel they will receive equitable pop from Google by linking to your site, but if your content is good, they may trade with you anyway.

You can pay for links, but if you do, be careful that they are actually good quality. What that means is, you should only pay for a link on a site that is similar to yours in its niche, and that isn’t a junk site. Don’t put your link on a place that is just a series of links or otherwise doesn’t offer any good, original content.

Get a Good Google Listing: Domain Name, Titles and Page Names

It is very important that your domain name be reflective of the words someone would use in a search engine to find your site. If you want to sell widgets and crackers and your name is Bob, then bobsplace.com would be a lousy domain name. However, widgetsandcrackensbybob.com, or better yet widgetsandcrackens.com, would be perfect. People looking for your product aren’t searching for Bob, they are searching for widgets and crackers.

Make sure you title your pages in the same manner. The title should contain the keywords likely used to find your product or service. If you write blog pages, make sure the title of the blog posting incorporates itself into the web address. For example www.widgetsandcrackens.com/how-to-split-a-widget-or-cracken

You can actually omit the throw-away words, such as “a” “to” and “or”, but make sure those pivotal keywords are in the URL.

Getting a good Google listing is manageable; it just takes time, effort and study. Start with these tips and you’ll be on your way up Google’s rankings.