About DMix

DMix is the brainchild of Dan McGrady.

Dan McGrady is a UX designer and software developer from Toronto. He started creating web apps when he was very young. When he was in college, he created one and a half startups.

He discovered that he was learning far more from creating companies than in class, so he left school to work on startups full-time.

Dan spent some time as a designer and developer at Savvica, a startup in Toronto, creators of Learnhub and Jumbotests. He is currently co-founding and bootstrapping CareLogger.

What is dMix?

dMix is a pseudonym Dan made up (a play off of his initials dm and remix) from when he ventured into producing music.

He is now using it to post about startups, technology and design. You can often find him spending (far too much) time partaking in Hacker News and Reddit.

He is a big fan of web apps with great UIs, Steve Blank’s Customer Development, A/B testing, agile software development and startups that actually make money.